Music is another way of telling stories that I've dabbled in over the years. There's a special kind of joy that comes from composing and recording songs, trying to get the themes, both musical and lyrical, that I hear in my head down in audio form. Typically, that involves collaboration, and I've had the pleasure to work with a number of very talented musicians over the years.

Live Performances

I do live solo performances from time to time, playing a variety of classic soft rock hits, singing and playing bass with background accompaniment.

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2021 Performances

The More Things Change...

This is a collection of original songs that I wrote and recorded in the 1980s with a variety of gifted musician friends.

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Str8t Shotz

From 1992 to 2016 I performed as a bassist and singer in a three-piece classic rock combo called Str8t Shotz. Over that period of time my bandmates and I played in a variety of taverns and bars, private parties, weddings, birthday parties, class reunions, and holiday celebrations. Our musical repertoire spanned songs from the 1950s to current popular hits, and the emphasis was always for the audience to have a great time! Here's a live recording of one of our performances.

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