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After completing my Master's degree at the University of Washington with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction, I became interested in presenting content in a digital environment. I ventured first into software development at Edmark, where they were still creating content for the classroom on CDs. Subsequent opportunities began to take advantage of the ever-growing power of the internet, and I've been involved in either creating or producing a wealth of on-line products that are available for use on an ever-increasing list of platforms, including personal computers, tablets, smart phones, and even some hand-held game devices.

Many of these programs are currently available - click each image to find out more!

Second Step Middle School

2020 - Second Step Middle School is a first-of-its-kind social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum thatís modern, web-based, and responsive to the needs of todayís students and educators. Itís underpinned by the latest research in adolescent brain development and social psychology. The result is a program that doesnít just help kids do better in schoolóit helps them do better in life.

Arrive Math

2018 - Through multi-modal resources, the Arrive Math Core Booster can be implemented with any core instruction model and accommodates various learning and expression styles to support the needs of a diverse student population. The Core Booster provides teacher-led, independent learning, and engaging small-group activities to boost various implementation models.

Apex Learning Tutorials

2014 - Tutorials for grades 9 - 12, ensure all students are prepared for high-stakes exams, provide targeted intervention and remediation, and enhance initial instruction. Apex Learning's Middle School Tutorials ensure every student meets grade-level expectations and has a solid foundation for success in high school and beyond.

CINCH Math and Science

2011 - Designed with the expertise of McGraw-Hill's long history in education, CINCH Learning provides benefits and flexibility that far surpass the conventional textbook model. Optimizing the power of a digital setting, CINCH provides teachers with access to lessons across all grade levels, allowing them to review, re-teach, or enrich their class as needed. Plus, CINCH costs significantly less than conventional textbook programs and supports your school's Green initiatives. .


2010 - LEAD 21 is a comprehensive core literacy program set to transform literacy instruction for 21st century classrooms. LEAD 21 offers a unique combination of interactive whole group reading instruction - small group reading using differentiated readers (the next generation in leveled text) and back to whole group for cross-text sharing. It seamlessly integrates writing and language arts into instruction and devotes every fifth day of instruction to inquiry-based learning where small heterogeneous reading groups engage in mini lessons focused on building 21st century skills.

Everyday MATH games

2009 - Everyday Mathematics enables students to build conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and real-world problem-solving skills. The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project continues to develop Everyday Mathematics to enable students to become strong mathematical citizens for the 21st century. The suite of games spans Pre-K to 6th grade and includes both single and two-player options.

Here's Looking At You

2005 - A multi-media drug prevention program aimed at middle school age students, Here's Looking At You contains fourteen core lessons, a story book, an informational magazine, three videos, several wall posters, an interactive board game, and a website designed to prevent students from using tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Refusal Skills videos: "Smoke Signals" and "With A Little Help From My Friends"

Refusal Skills videos: "Friends Like That" and "Will"


2005 - CHILL is a grades 7 - 12 curriculum that addresses the problem of teen stress by providing research-based info about stress management techniques. This youth-inspired series empowers teens to identify and manage academic, social, home, media, and cultural stress in their lives.


2004 - FUEL is a grades 7 - 12 curriculum that encourages youth to nourish and move their bodies, to question and respond to what the media feeds them, and to be positive activists who bring healthy changes to themselves, their communities, and the world around them..

Open Court Reading

2003 - The Open Court Reading program is a core Language arts/English series used in a large number of elementary schools classrooms. Open Court Reading is a comprehensive reading and writing program for kids in elementary school known for its systematic instruction in phonological and phonemic awareness and phonics. Equally strong is the instruction in comprehension and writing. Through inquiry students learn to use reading and writing as tools for learning, to work collaboratively, and to build and share knowledge.

Destination Reading

2002 - The Destination Reading series is a comprehensive, electronically based reading curriculum. It teaches students to read fluently and with understanding. Destination Reading uses a balanced approach that explicitly teaches phonics, decoding, and comprehension skills within and around language and literature-rich activities.

Edmark Reading Program

2001 - The Edmark Reading Program ensures success to students of all ages who have not yet mastered beginning reading. The program uses a carefully sequenced, highly repetitive word recognition method combined with error-less learning. This approach eliminates incorrect responses and helps students view themselves as readers.

2002 CODIE Award Winner!

Investigations Into Global Climate Change

1996 - The curriculum that started me down the path of instructional design. Sponsored in part by the Washington Sea Grant foundation, Investigations Into Global Climate Change featured 20 lessons providing an in-depth look into the phenomenon of global climate change. It included activities, readings, test materials, and an accompanying software package designed to present the material in a student-friendly manner and spark students' interest.

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